Western European art,

Sunday, 11 January 2015
Western European art, it are semiotics of art of intellectual modern study/Modern Science and Fashion Mode. As for the Western European art, what's called process to reach the holography picture of David Lynch who is an American film exists via the Renaissance from ancient Greece philosophy. From mathematical music construction of the Beethoven symphony eighth to Debussy and French modern music of Ravelle, the European music classical music is the geopolitical thought architecture of the intellect to be completed in Schoenberg more. Information technology/IT=Information Technology and information and communication revolution /INTERNET, the technology that the technology evolves in the Internet from a television to a personal computer as for the media theory which shifts from a picture to a movie here and let you accelerate the personal nature of the unit to SNS advance. This which wants to overlook the special mention phenomenon that created intelligence of the human who is new for the present in the Beatles that absolute pleasant feeling-related art is born as for the Western European art here that revolutionized history of West art by avant-garde public art rock'n roll in the British Beatles with literature, poetry, music, a movie, art, a
picture, drama, the opera is at the movement when West Europe art woke up a revolution from education and traingng of grave academic West Euroge to a style of radical will, but the West Europe art creates art of study /Modern Science in modern times by the logic that is complicated throughout. When subdivision classifes processes to reach the holography picture of David Lynch who is an American film via the Renaissance a little more, beat generation / beatniks are incorporated in style revolution of radical will by the Beatles, these temporal axes and space axis via the Renaissance by ancient Greeae philosophy, and the Beatles and the personal of the pop unit are intelligent in view of the world =DIGITAL MEDIA of Macintosh of the apple, and Western European art is made high density information by ancient Greece philosophy. Western art, it are semiotics of art