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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Amazing Modern Zoroastrian Art
~ A Persian Silk carpet woven in Tabriz - IRAN depicting the Mighty Grand Admiral Artemisia - The Lioness
A true legend, Grand Admiral Artemisia the Commander in Chief of the Persian Imperial Navy during the reign of Mighty Xerxes.
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(-magnificent carpet by ostad Shakiba
During the reign of King Xerxes, Artemisia worked her way to the top becoming the first female officer and then raising above all she became the Grand Admiral of the Imperial Persian Navy; when king Xerxes went to war against Greece (480 BC - 479 BC) Artemisia led her powerful ships and helped Xerxes defeat the Greeks in the beginning phases of naval battle of Salamis. The Greeks offered a reward of 10,000 drachmas for capturing Artemisia, but no one succeeded in winning the prize.
Grand Admiral Artemisia is the only woman that Herodotus the Greek Historian has attributed with the virtue of Courage, or "Andreia"; Herodotus even though not a fair historian with regards to the Persians, he still could not resist praising Artemisia and giving her the credit for being a great military mind and a wise warrior! here is what Herodotus had to say:
“ If the other lower officers I shall make no mention, since no necessity is laid on me; but I must speak of a certain leader named Artemisia, whose participation in the war with Greece, not withstanding that she was a woman, moves my special wonder. Her brave spirit and manly daring sent her forth to the war, when no need required her to adventure; The five Triremes (Battle Ships) which she furnished to the Persians were, next to the Sidonian, the most famous ships in the fleet. She also gave Xerxes wiser counsel than any of his other allies, Artemisia was a great asset to Xerxes. “
.. And it is indeed True that the significant role of women in Ancient Iran both horrified and fascinated the other ancient male dominated societies!
Artemisia was a True Lioness a Patriot who loved Iran and fought for Iran. One of the bravest women of all times in the history of Persian Empire and the world..
One of the greatest Military minds of the world.
And the first female high ranking Naval officer ever, in the history of the world.