Hand Art Easy Tips Come To Learn

Sunday, 11 January 2015
“I’m not quite sure how to explain the way I draw hands, sometimes I have a method and other times I just sort of wing it with scribbles in the form of hands that I later define. I guess I will start by showing you the method i try to use…

Now bare in mind that these are not exactly anatomically correct hands because the way I draw most of my hands, they tend to be caricatured. But it always helps to have an understanding of real hand anatomy. Knowledge of perspective also comes in handy. Also, if you have any knowledge of 3D modeling or want to know how to model hands, this can also help. 

Try to think of the hand as a box. As sort of rectangular, flat, slightly flexible box. Even the fingers are rectangles. And the thumb. If you break it up that way, you can draw the hand from all sorts of angles. From there, you can add variety to your hands by squashing or stretching the rectangles and reshaping them any way you please.

I’m not the best at explaining my methods but I hope that helped at least a little!.