made animal with the help of pieces Art

Sunday, 11 January 2015
I'm going to tell you some necessary tips about art, we are going to make some diffirent things by the help of pieces, Ironically my pieces are not drawings but sculptures as I wanted to show that you can draw with things other than pencils.
I thought I'd put a couple of examples of these 'drawn' pieces on here. It is a good exercise to make very simple pieces and it can be more difficult than the complicated work. I try to ensure that each component is only included if it is absolutely necessary so that the negative spaces are as important as the positive parts of the objects.
Tack Hammer Deer has less than 30 items in it. The eye of the deer is described by the hole for the shaft in the hammer head. Careful choice of items ensure that the delicate stance of the deer is captured without too much detail.
Resting Hare is another simple piece with careful attention to positioning of each tool and the proportions of the work. The horseshoes for the hindquarters work well and the forelegs (one of which is the shaft and half of a hoe) help give an elegant feel to the sculpture. It is interesting that the lack of any reference to the hindlegs is not a hindrance to the piece proving that less really is more.
Canterbury Hoe Hare is even more simple with only a handful of items to give the impression of the hare.