use clay and porcelain art very nice art

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Use clay and porcelain to make his disturbing sculptures that definitely amaze the viewer. She is best known internationally for her strange figures. Ronit applies her creepy creativity in the kitchen, setting realistic mouth and fingers on plates and cups.

The combination of cups with fingers ceramic represents an idea, in which a will, which allows a cup decide for itself whether to stay or leave the situation as it is created", says Ronit metaphorically to explain his concept.

The motives of her work are the hands and mouths to appear where least expected. She also uses wires that seem spider and give the impression to suffocate her victims. At the same time she wants to set on objects freedom in everyday situations, allowing perceive the object with life. Ronit Baranga has the ability to surprise the audience with her lively creativity that questions the limits of beauty and shows that not everything is done or seen in the art world.

Ronit Baranga studied psychology and Hebrew Literature, but later discovered the art as her true vocation. After finishing college she began studying art at Bet Berl College and continued in artisanal CampLodge Yael School. Since then she has not stopped these most wonderful sculptures that capture the viewer's attention by the enchanted atmosphere surrounding her creations.